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In June 2009, Zhongdouxing Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Zhongguancun, a national science and technology park, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. The company is a specialized technology enterprise of Beidou civil products engaged in scientific research, research and development, production and operation. At present, the company has established 43 offices and branches throughout the country, and has established more than 150 dealers across the country.

In August 2013, Zhongdou Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. officially entered the national software park - Huai'an, Jiangsu. Relying on China's Beidou satellite system, Zhongdou Technology is engaged in the research and development and research of Internet and Beidou satellite technology in response to the call of smart city construction. At present, it mainly engages in 7 major products: Beidou satellite communication, smart campus, smart transportation, smart home, wisdom. Medical, smart pension and Amoy Mall.  

In December 2015, Zhongdou Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong New Area, a national software park. It hired high-end technical talents with high salaries to provide continuous driving force for enterprises.

The strong technical R&D team and experienced marketing talents enable the company to seamlessly integrate satellite positioning technology and network marketing. In addition, the company continues to innovate the platform of the "Internet +" field, providing a variety of technology-leading integrated products for small and medium-sized enterprises in the traditional industry, such as voice, video, data, unlimited media, instant messaging, etc. for cloud computing technology; for industry, agriculture, Provide safe, fast, effective and lasting ecological services in various fields such as transportation and education; provide a subversive and innovative living space for the marketing of traditional SMEs.

At the same time, the Beidou satellite vehicle positioning platform and products developed by the company passed the “Ministry Standard Management Platform Inspection” of the Ministry of Communications, which realized the direct docking of the traffic management platform of the Ministry of Communications. After years of hard work, the company has obtained national value-added telecommunications business license, public security department computer security level protection certification, high-tech independent innovation product certificate, China's industry's most influential top ten leading enterprise certificate, five major computer copyright certificates, the country Standard Qualified Product Certificate, China Smart Education First Brand Certificate, China's Most Influential Enterprise Certificate of the Year, and reached strategic cooperation with CCTV and China Net. Mr. Wang Fusheng, the chief designer of the company, won the title of Top Ten Innovative People in China's Economy in 2015, Leading Brand of China's Most Influential Brands and Outstanding Entrepreneur of Jiangsu Province.

In February 2016, the company and the East China Normal University Youth Development Research Center jointly established the “Educational Innovation Center of the Youth Development Research Center of East China Normal University” and the “China Internet Education Research Center of the Youth Development Center of East China Normal University” to build Chinese wisdom. Education (Smart Campus) Leading Brand: Promote the progress of Chinese education with pragmatic and realistic actions, lead the development of China's educational informationization with the strength of continuous innovation, and promote the transformation of educational technology with a highly united elite.
Zhongdou Science and Technology as the "Student Safety Research Base of the Youth Development Research Center of East China Normal University", "Educational Information Management System of the Ministry of Education", the educational application evaluation project "Promotion and Application Project Research Base", relying on the "Zhongdouyun Education" series of products, strive Create a leading brand in the Internet + field. 



Smart Traffic
From the food, clothing, housing, and other aspects of intelligence, making life more exciting and convenient.
Wisdom Pension
Whether it is home care, community pension, or nursing home, let parents be like their children.
Smart Transportation
The car small secret series products guarantee the safety of parking when driving, before driving.
Smart home
Effectively improve the quality of life of the elderly, children and families from the aspects of family health, safety, comfort, energy conservation and environmental protection.
Satellite Communications
Low tariff, no long-distance charges, Android Apple Universal, merchant online promotion phone exchange software.
Smart Campus
Digital, standardized, intelligent campus management system platform.

Main Project
Joint Venture
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