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Education bureau
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Pay attention to your child's healthy growth anytime, anywhere

Location query
Where is the child, at a glance

Parents view child location through mobile client anytime, anywhere
The device has a dual-mode positioning function, and parents can view the child's location in real time on the mobile APP.
In the shortest possible time, take care of your child's safety to the utmost.

Remote monitoring
Master the environment around your child

Parents can turn on remote monitoring at any time
You can remotely monitor the sound around your child to see what's going on around your child.

Campus attendance
Intelligent attendance management

When the child enters the campus every day, the parents will receive a safety message.
Built-in RFID chip, can read cards within 40 meters, students no longer need to queue up to enter the campus
Attendance report is generated immediately, and the school can realize intelligent attendance management for students through it.
Check and count the whole class's school, school, late, and early leave at any time.
Parents can also learn about their child’s school time by receiving attendance notices.
Remind parents to pay attention to the safety of their children in school and school.
Let parents work more at ease.

Electric fence
Parents can set a restricted area for children

(such as Internet cafes, game halls, KTV, construction sites, etc.), children enter and leave these areas
Immediately alert and notify the parents through the mobile client to effectively supervise the children's activity area.

Track playback
One-click query where I have been

The guardian can play back the student's activity track through the APP client.
Understand the student’s trajectory during a certain period of time, when the child is kidnapped
When you are being trafficked or leaving home, you can know where he has been.
Can provide clues for finding children.

SOS help
Lift the danger, just 10 seconds

When the child is in danger, press and hold the SOS button for 3-5 seconds to receive the child’s call for help immediately.
And receive the location information of the child, and the parents can hear the sound within 5 meters around the child.
Parents should contact the child at the first time, and should call the police to request assistance when the danger occurs.

Green family call
The Internet student ID card has a call function, and the child can press the corresponding button to talk to the parent.

Parents can also set a limited number of incoming calls to reject harassment from unfamiliar calls.
According to the actual needs, the call function can be set to sleep in the school background according to the time period, so as not to affect the teacher's teaching.
The Internet Student ID card not only effectively rejects incoming calls, but also prevents students from being addicted to mobile games.
It is a family bond that is closely related to the family.

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