Good news! Amoy Mall invites the strength of the business to settle in! !
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The development of the Internet has made many traditional industry bosses complain that business is difficult to do, and more and more companies are turning to online sales. In the early stage of the transformation of many enterprises, it is necessary to invest in online marketing and advertising, and there are indeed a lot of manpower, resources and funds to be invested, but the results are minimal. Spending a small amount of investment brings the most valuable results that many companies want.

In this era of rapid network development, no one can say who's model is the only one in the industry.
Zhongdou Amoy Mall has a novel Internet model that integrates upstream and downstream corporate resources and makes a very large ecological chain.
“Amoy Mall” is invested and operated by Zhongdou Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. It is a large-scale comprehensive shopping platform integrating online sales, warehousing and distribution.
Taobao Mall launched the Amoy Mall card, consumers can directly use the Amoy Mall card to deduct the amount of goods, in order to obtain discounts. This is also the biggest advantage of the Tao Mall platform for consumer users.
Since its establishment, it has accumulated a million users, has a large amount of user data, and has cultivated the habit of users shopping in Amoy Mall.
Amoy Mall has a strong technical research and development team, and professional promotion of the elite to jointly maintain and promote.

For companies that have traditionally changed their careers or want to be in the Internet industry, 40% care about the investment and 60% of the income they care about. Entering Taobao Mall 0 input: You don't need to hire someone to do promotion, Taotao Mall network platform for you to promote for free. There is no need to invest in advertising, and the big data fixed in Amoy Mall is the self-owned advertising group. 100% results: The consumption habits of big data users are 100% revenue results.
Now Amoy Mall invites the strengths of all walks of life to settle in: clothing, daily life, electronic digital, personal care, food, drinks, home appliances, furniture, home improvement, precious antiques, health care, investment and wealth management, travel and tourism, etc. No matter what industry, as long as you have the passion to do the Internet industry, Amoy Mall gives you a platform to play.
Entering the Amoy Mall, saving you manpower, resources and money.
If you didn't miss Ma Yun in 2003, you are now more than a millionaire. If you jump on the train in Amoy Mall now, you will be able to ride the market of e-commerce in the future!
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