Congratulations on the "Zhongdouyun Education" stationed in Hunan Changde Foreign Language School
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Student safety has always been the most concerned issue for society, schools and families. In recent years, student safety issues have emerged in an endless stream. Zhongdouyun Education, a subsidiary of Zhongdou Group, is mainly aimed at student safety issues and is committed to escort students' safety. Recently, Zhongdouyun Education has settled in Hunan Changde Foreign Language School and has escorted thousands of students in the school!

“Zhongdouyun Education” is Zhongdou Group and East China Normal University Youth Development Research Center

1. In order to build a digital, standardized and intelligent education management system;
2. Meet the teaching needs of teachers and students to be independent and diversified;
3. Target security issues that students may encounter;
4. Facilitate interaction between teachers and parents;

The campus intelligent information management platform came into being!
Students entering and leaving the campus are swiped by the “Internet Student ID Card”. The Internet Student ID card has the following functions:

The “Zhongdouyun Education” has settled in a foreign language school, and has built a digital, standardized and intelligent education management system for foreign language schools. To a certain extent, it meets the needs of teachers and students for independent and diversified education and teaching. When it comes to security issues, Zhongdouyun Education will escort to help parents understand the real-time situation of their children in the school and facilitate the interaction between teachers and parents.

Zhongdou Technology, born of love!

To keep the students escorted, we are always on the road!