Congratulations on the official placement of the bridgehead ribs in the U-Commerce platform
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The “U-U” business model of Zhongdou Group is to build an Internet business platform by using the Internet economic model, creatively bringing the Internet and traditional industries, such as catering, entertainment, clubs, tourism, finance, construction, etc. Combined, the concept of Internet + (entity) and the O2O operation mode of online and offline integration are used to build a Chinese industry supply chain ecosystem service platform. The platform is based on the top ten, and implements the marketing model of “You are normal consumption, I double give” to the users who have already recharged, attracting a large number of users to the member merchants to consume, and building a connection between consumers, suppliers and partners. Closely linked to the platform to achieve mutual benefit.

With the development of the U-U project, as of today, some high-quality businesses have settled in the U-group platform, bringing great convenience and benefits to consumers.

Yesterday, the bridgehead ribs located in Chengde Road, Qingjiangpu District, Huai'an City officially entered the U-Commerce business platform. The bridge rib is a famous snack of Qinhuangdao. It has a history of more than 100 years. It has been passed down from generation to generation and has lasted for a long time. More than one family has joined the branch. Because the bridge ribs are rich in secrets and ultra-precise collocations, they form a unique flavor of their own, but they are not restricted by the region, so that diners all over the country are still unsatisfied, and praises, so there are many franchise stores in the bridge ribs, but each The business of the store is still hot, and it is the first choice for casual snacks such as afternoon tea or supper.

Bridgehead ribs merchants settled in the ceremony

In the context of the integration of the Internet into the social life, even small businesses, as long as they are accompanied by technology and companions, the continuous evolution of key capabilities can guarantee the development momentum of the company, and the “U-U” developed by Zhongdou Group The business model is the gospel for the majority of merchants.

This mode is suitable for merchants of all walks of life. The merchant can share the platform resources free of charge without the resident fee. The platform can not only bring consumption flow to the merchant, but also customize the exclusive promotion means for the merchant. Merchants use the "U-U" platform recharge promotion program, the promotion is enough to attract more passengers, but also shorten the customer into the store consumption cycle, to bring consumers a pleasant consumer experience. While allowing businesses to increase revenue, they will quickly accumulate big data from the U-Group platform, and simultaneously develop the number of merchant members and consumer members for the platform. For the merchants and U-platform platform, it is truly a mutual benefit and mutual benefit. Win-win!