Zhongdou Smart Pension Solution
ANLIXIN Blood pressure smart watch
Every moment of health, we come to care

· Full fit HD screen
· Touch operation
· Edible grade wristband material 
· Exclusive ECG+PPG blood pressure algorithm
The world's first smart watch with MT2511 biochip
Simultaneous collection of electrocardiogram (ECG)
Photoelectric volume pulse wave (PPG)
Blood pressure
Easy to measure

· ANLIXIN blood pressure smart watch, the first blood pressure watch in China
· Zhongdou Group and Taiwan MTK lasted for 4 years and developed the first    intelligent blood pressure watch.
· Beijing 301 Hospital two-year clinical trial, the international leading remote blood pressure test, health monitoring, one step in place, living away from hospital beds in later life.

*Measurement data is for reference only
Heart rate
Efficient sensing

· Photoplethysmography (PPG) for blood flow detection

· Green PPG is closer to the data obtained by EKG (electrocardiogram). It can capture every fine microwave movement, and it is more efficient and accurate. It can obtain accurate monitoring data under any movement state by walking, cycling and running.
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